Deadly Narratives:
Recent Collection Highlights

Deadly Narratives:
Recent Collection Highlights

Event status:
13 March - 25 July 2021



Ground Floor, Yarra Building
Federation Square

Deadly Narratives:<br>Recent Collection Highlights

Story telling in all forms is crucial to sharing and understanding historic and popular culture.

Deadly Narratives: Recent Collection Highlights brings together Victorian Aboriginal narratives represented by 5 years of art collecting by the KHT since moving to the Birrarung (Yarra) Building at Federation Square in 2015.

The deadly narratives are told through a range of media including acrylic on canvas and board, prints, ceramics, textile, pokerwork possum skin, weaving and jewellery.

Deadly Narratives showcase the unique and important place the KHT collection holds in Victoria and nation-wide. The collection highlights in the exhibition reflect the strong, vibrant and living culture of south east Australia, representing individuals and communities that continue to connect to place and country.

Featured artists: Frank Hood, the Pitcha Makin Fellaz, Mandi Barton, Patrice Mathay, Miles Mahoney, Marlene Scerri, Lisa Waup, Lucy Williams-Connelly, Steaphan Paton, Josh Muir, Monique Grbec, Marlene Gilson, Kait James, Uncle Greg Muir, Lee Darroch, Raymond Young, Cassie Leatham, Isobel Morphy-Walsh, Peter Waples-Crowe, Marilyne Nicholls,  Laura Kirby and Daniel Kelly


For Reconciliation Week 2021, KHT came together with NGV and Cassie Leatham (Taungurung, Wurundjeri) on this video for primary school children on an artwork exploration they could watch with families.



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Photos by Christian Capurro

We gratefully acknowledge the following Exhibition Partners

          Australia Council for the Arts

We also gratefully acknowledge the generous support of those who have assisted us in acquiring artworks for our collection including the Norma Gleeson Fund, Gandel Philanthropy and individual donors and supporters.

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pitcha makin fellas, We Know Where You Shop 2013, acrylic on pvc foamboard