KHT Kids’ Club

The KHT Kids’ Club on KHT Online enables our young people to engage with Koorie culture through art and storytelling. We will be uploading to this page colouring sheets (with story) designed especially by our Victorian Aboriginal artists, as well as other activity sheets and animations.

The KHT Kids’ Club is proudly supported by Viva Energy Australia and Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family.

Story Time

Produced by the Elders and artists from Kaiela Arts Shepparton, Yalka Lotjpa Nha / Children Speak See, is a children’s A-Z the Yorta Yorta Way.

Yalka Lotjpa Nha is dedicated to the authors past and present: Geraldine Briggs, Heather Bowe, Lois Peeler, Sharon Atkinson, supported by Angie Russi and Tammy-Lee Atkinson, Kaiela Arts. Artwork by Jack Anselmi, Sharon Atkinson, Tammy-Lee Atkinson, Amy Briggs, Cynthia Hardie, Tiarne Hall, Eva Ponting, Gavin Saunders and Victoria Webbe. Animation by Davidson Lopes da Rosa in collaboration with the authors and artists.

The animation is an accompaniment to the book Yalka Lotjpa Nha – Children Speak See, available for purchase through Kaiela Arts Shepparton, or shopKOORIE at the KHT.

Yalka Lotjpa Nha is reproduced here with the kind permission of Kaiela Arts Shepparton.


Colouring and Activity Sheets

Please click on the tiles and download the activity sheets and enjoy.

Hero image: Cassie Leatham, school holiday weaving workshop, 2018.