What is Blak Design?
Melbourne Design Week

What is Blak Design?
Melbourne Design Week

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coming soon
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24 March 2022
90-120 minutes

Third Floor, Koorie Heritage Trust, Yarra Building, Fed Square, Melbourne



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What is Blak Design?<br>Melbourne Design Week

As part of Melbourne Design Week, KHT presents a conversation panel discussing the history, nuances, concepts and realities of Blak Design today.  Referencing both our 2018 exhibition “Blak Design Matters” and the more recent Blak Jewellery exhibition, Tom Mosby will lead a discussion with significant First Nations designers, creatives and industry experts interrogating how Indigenous design is defined, received, and made visible in Australia’s contemporary design landscape, asking the question, what is meaningful Indigenous design and why does it matter?

Speakers: Jefa Greenaway, Professor Brian Martin and Myles Russell-Cook.

Moderated by Tom Mosby (CEO KHT)

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2022, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

We acknowledge the generous support of our public programming partners: Viva Energy Australia and Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family.

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