School Holidays
Damper Making with Nornie Bero

School Holidays
Damper Making with Nornie Bero

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coming soon
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online workshop
Wednesday 29 September 2021
60 minutes




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School Holidays<br>Damper Making with Nornie Bero

In this free online experience, Melbourne based Torres Strait Islander (Meriam) chef, Nornie Bero will show families and kids how they can incorporate Indigenous ingredients and flavours into their own home-cooking in a damper making demonstration. Tune in to watch Nornie making a variety of dampers in Torres Strait Islander style – wrapped in banana leaves and baked with pumpkin, wattleseed and saltbush varieties.

She’ll give tips on how to get the perfect damper softness, and background on the special ingredients.

This event is free – but bookings are essential.

You can pre-purchase a damper-making kit for $15 via this link:

To have your Damper Kit in time for the session, please order ahead of time.

Recipe for reference will be emailed before the event.


Nornie Bero is the head chef and business owner at Mabu Mabu. Originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, Nornie has been a professional chef for over 20 years. Her style of cooking is all about generosity and flavour. She has been creating dishes using native ingredients for much of her career, and is currently on a mission to make Indigenous herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits part of everyone’s kitchen pantry.

We acknowledge the generous support of our public programming partners: Viva Energy Australia and Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family.

IMAGE: Supplied by Mabu Mabu