Melbourne Design Week: Collection Tour with Peter Waples-Crowe

Melbourne Design Week: Collection Tour with Peter Waples-Crowe

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Monday 29 March 2021
60 - 90 minutes




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Melbourne Design Week: Collection Tour with Peter Waples-Crowe

Join artist Peter Waples-Crowe (Ngarigo) for a rare glimpse inside the collection room of the Koorie Heritage Trust where the objects and artworks which form part of our unique and important collection are cared for and stored.

Our artworks and objects collection contain over 3,900 items (within our overall collection of 65,000 material items), including historic artefacts and contemporary artworks ranging from boomerangs, shields, spear throwers, clubs, canoes, baskets, eel traps and possum-skin cloaks to carved emu eggs, ceramics, t-shirts, jewellery and sculpture.

Through Zoom, this free tour aims to celebrate how Koorie culture continues to evolve and how lessons from the KHT Collection can inform contemporary and future design thinking. Peter will introduce you to established cultural skills in crafts, designs and the layers of stories reflected. Important cultural knowledge and skills are being used across a wide range of contemporary media, demonstrating how materials and crafts have adapted and changed over time.  Peter will be focussing on collection objects that have resonance and meaning to him as an artist, as a way of introduction to the breadth of the collection.

Peter Waples-Crowe is a Ngarigo artist living in Melbourne. He creates bold colourful work that explores the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture, often referencing the dingo as a totemic figure and an analogy for Indigenous peoples.

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We acknowledge the generous support of our public programming partners: Viva Energy Australia, Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family, and the Jon Faine Farewell Broadcast Fundraising Appeal

Peter Waples-Crowe (Ngarigo) Photo: Alison Bennett