Collage workshop for kids with Peter Waples-Crowe

Collage workshop for kids with Peter Waples-Crowe

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Coming soon
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Collage workshop for kids
Friday, 2 October 2020
11.00am - 12.30pm

Online through Zoom



This workshop is for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their carers to prepare artworks for submission to the 3rd Koorie Art Show for Kids and Young People

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Collage workshop for kids with Peter Waples-Crowe

As part of our preparations for the 3rd Kids’ Koorie Art Show, we are inviting all our Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids and young people to join us online with Ngarigo artist Peter Waples-Crowe for a collage art workshop centred on animals inspired by identity and heritage.

In this free session, Peter will guide and inspire our kids in creating a personal 2-D artwork which will also be suitable for entry into the 3rd Kids’ Koorie Art Show in December.

Kids will be asked to come to the session with a collection of materials which they should be able to gather from the around the home and craft cupboard as follows:

  • Materials: old magazines, newspapers, variety of papers and cardboard.
  • Optional: dried leaves and bark.
  • Tools: glue, scissors, pens, pencils, paint
  • Preparation: find some pictures (photos or illustrations) of animals that you identify with … theses might be in old magazines or even on the web (which you might be able to save and print).  You might be able to scan and print images from books too (don’t cut up books!).

The call for entry to the Kids’ Koorie Art Show is now open, but will close on Sunday, 25 October. Jump online and complete the entry form. All entries will be eligible for gift art pack prizes.

Peter Waples-Crowe is a Ngarigo artist living in Melbourne. He creates bold colourful work that explores the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture, often referencing the dingo as a totemic figure and an analogy for Indigenous peoples.

We acknowledge the generous support of our public programming partners: Viva Energy Australia, Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and Family, and the Jon Faine Farewell Broadcast Fundraising Appeal

Photo: Peter Waples-Crowe (Ngarigo), courtesy of the artist