Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency Workshop

We are leaders in Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency (BACC) through our Indigenous Cultural Awareness training programs. Our facilitators are experts in the field, and we can work with you to tailor a program to suit your particular requirements.

Our current BACC Programs are:

  • Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency Program (Half or Full Day)  To enable participants to gain the most out of this program and group activities, we have a minimum group size requirement of 10 participants. We also cap the group size at 25 to provide all participants the opportunity to engage with the facilitator.
    • Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency Program (Half Day Only) for individuals and small groups who by themselves are unable to meet the minimum group size requirement.

    Our programs are based around experiential/participatory learning that encourage reflection on participants’ own values, beliefs and behaviour.  Our programs also provide flexibility to incorporate specific needs of organisations working in particular fields with Aboriginal communities including education, health, justice and land & resources.

    The learning outcomes of these programs are generally to:

    • Develop awareness of Aboriginal culture and identity
    • Develop awareness of the strengths of Aboriginal culture and people
    • Assist in making the connection and understanding the impact of colonisation and past policy for Aboriginal people today
    • Develop capacity to be more understanding and responsive to Aboriginal colleagues and clients
    • Motivate participants in their cultural competence journey

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    For any further information, please contact Rob Hyatt, Education Manager, on (03) 8662 6335 or email