Building Cultural Safety in the Workplace Workshop

Begin your journey towards creating a workplace that embraces diversity and supports inclusion through mutual respect, shared understanding and experiences.

Our half-day Cultural Safety Workshop supports the creation and maintenance of culturally safe workplaces.

Our skilled and experienced facilitators deliver the workshop through group exercises and focussed discussion. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on themselves as individuals as well as an employee in a diverse workplace, and how their background and biases may influence how they work with colleagues.

Intended as a follow up workshop to compliment our Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency program, the workshop can also be delivered as a stand alone session for organisations that have already had some cultural awareness and competency training.

Download our Cultural Safety Workshop Brochure for more information on this program.

For further information, please contact Rob Hyatt, our Education Manager, by telephone on (03) 8662 6300 or email.