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  • Koorie. The majority of our stock are designed and/or crafted in South East Australia by our Koorie artists and craftspeople as well as our broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who call the South East of Australia home.
  • Authentic. Buying from us, you know that you are purchasing an authentic South East Australian Aboriginal designed and/or crafted product.
  • Educational. Our shop is an integrated part of our educational experience. It is another opportunity enabling our visitors to learn of the uniqueness of South East Australian Aboriginal peoples, cultures and communities though art, craft and design. We make a significant contribution to improving the outcomes for South East Australian Aboriginal communities by developing and improving the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and practice of Indigenous arts.


  • Unique. Buying from us, you know that you are buying a unique product, whether it is a hand carved didgeridoo, a limited release designer t-shirt or an Aboriginal designed tote bag,.
  • One Stop Shop. Come to us to see, hear and learn about Victorian Aboriginal people, and leave with a memento of their visit.
  • Inspired, innovative and contemporary. Our product range and display reflects Koorie peoples and communities as diverse, contemporary and strong moving forward into the 21st century with confidence and ambition but at the same time grounded in a 60,000 year old history.
  • Destination. We are the shop of choice for all people looking for an authentic Victorian Aboriginal memento, whether it is a souvenir that can be packed in hand luggage or a personal or corporate gift.
  • Curated. Our shop is a curated experience reflecting our artistic and educational ambitions. The space enables visitors to wander and be visually engaged by our products.


  • Community. We are a community owned and managed not-for-profit organisation. We are an integral part of the South East Australian Aboriginal community and are for and with the community in all our programs and services.
  • Support. Our product range has depth in all product categories while providing an outlet for our various individual and community cottage industries, showcasing the diversity of South East Australian Aboriginal arts and crafts.
  • Strength and Independence. We build on the strengths of Aboriginal people and the role of Aboriginal culture in building resilience and prosperity. We recognise that positive experiences early in life lead to economically independent and resilient people in their adult years.  We support the strengthening of Aboriginal culture, building economic participation and prosperity, and improving service systems to deliver.
  • Contribute. We make a significant contribution to improving the outcomes for South East Australian Aboriginal communities by developing a strong appreciation and awareness of Aboriginal culture that fosters confidence and resilience, as well as connections and respect across the Victorian community. This results in a strong culture of engaged people and confident communities.  We directly benefit the indigenous communities in Victoria through our retail model that enables financial return to artists and communities while at the same time contributing to the viability of the KHT.