Peter Nash

Peter Nash

Non-First People's
Member, Board of Management
Chair, Audit & Risk Committee

Peter is currently Chairman at Johns Lyng Group.

In his previous role, Peter was a Senior Partner with KPMG until September 2017, having been admitted to the partnership of KPMG Australia in 1993. He served as the National Chair of KPMG Australia from 2011 until August 2017, where he was responsible for the overall governance and strategic positioning of KPMG in Australia. In this role, Peter also served as a member of KPMG’s global and regional boards. Peter’s previous positions with KPMG included Regional Head of Audit for Asia Pacific, National Managing Partner for Audit in Australia and Head of KPMG Financial Services.

Peter has worked in geographically diverse and complex operating environments providing advice on a range of topics including business strategy, risk management, business processes and regulatory change. Peter has also provided financial and commercial advice to many Government businesses at both a Federal and State level. Peter is a former member of the Business Council of Australia and its Economic and Regulatory Committee.

Peter is a former board member of Reconciliation Australia.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (University of Melbourne).