Important development announcement for Federation Square

Koorie Heritage Trust statement

December 2017

The Koorie Heritage Trust’s Board of Management has made the decision to capitalise on a rare opportunity to relocate the Trust to larger premises but remaining as a crucial element of Federation Square’s cultural and creative tenancy. The decision by the Trust’s Board was reached after much deliberation. The Trust’s Board is of the view that the opportunity to relocate presents a unique opportunity as it provides:

  • increased floor space enabling us to expand our services and program including catering for future growth of our unique and irreplaceable collections of Victorian Koorie art and artefacts while ensuring best practice in the maintenance and preservation for future generations a dedicated entrance with more visible directional signage in and around the Square
  • an opportunity to update our spaces to reflect contemporary Victorian Aboriginal design and design aesthetics The Trust’s physical relocation will not be immediate, and will most likely take place in early to mid 2019.

The Trust’s physical relocation will not be immediate, and will most likely take place in early to mid 2019.


Will the Trust be leaving Federation Square?

No. The Trust will not be leaving Federation Square. The Trust is a crucial element of the cultural and creative tenancy of the square.

How soon will the move take place?

The Trust will not be physically relocating until early to mid 2019.

Will the move affect the Trust’s services and programs?

It will be business as usual for the Trust. The only downtime will be during the physical pack and move into the new premises. However, the Trust will continue to deliver key services during that period including our Koorie Family History Service, Education programs (guided walks, cultural awareness training etc), retail and exhibitions.

How will the Trust’s Collections be managed in the process and what will be done to ensure their protection?

Collection care and preservation always will be a priority. The Trust will ensure that the collections will be packed, moved and unpacked with the highest possible level of skill and care and in accordance with museum standards.

What is the Koorie Heritage Trust’s position on an Apple Global Flagship Store moving to Federation Square?

The presence of an Apple Global Flagship Store at Federation Square is a Federation Square tenancy matter. Any query regarding the matter should be directed to Federation Square on (t) 9655 1900. However, the presence of the Apple Global Flagship Store will not impact on the delivery of the Trust’s many programs and services, nor the care and maintenance of the Trust’s unique collections of art and artefacts that promote, supports and celebrates the continuing journey of the Aboriginal peoples of South Eastern Australia.


For further information, please contact:

Tom Mosby (CEO) | (t) 8662 6308 | (m) 0417 785 648 | (e)

Michael Kane (General Manager) | (t) 8662 6309 | (m) 0439 301 521 | (e)


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