The Leadership Program is designed for participants who have completed an introductory program in some form and is intended to build Aboriginal cultural competence in organisational leadership.

The topics and issues covered include:

  • Understanding leadership within an Aboriginal cultural context from historical and contemporary perspectives
  • Key strategies for demonstrating leadership on Aboriginal issues within non-Aboriginal environments or workplaces
  • Developing strategies for planning and working with Aboriginal community leadership

The learning outcomes are to:

  • Increase participant’s knowledge of the context of Aboriginal leadership from a historical and contemporary perspective
  • Develop an understanding of how past and contemporary Aboriginal leadership has been shaped within Victoria
  • Enhance participants’ understanding of the principles and strategies for working within the Aboriginal community
  • Develop an understanding of how Aboriginal community structures and protocols work
  • Develop an understanding of issues to consider when working with Aboriginal organisations and leadership groups
  • Develop an understanding of how to effectively engage with the leaders of Aboriginal Communities
  • Develop an understanding of your role as leader in driving and growing Aboriginal Cultural Competence
  • Consider approaches to planning and strategy that are inclusive of Aboriginal organisations and people

Duration: 7 hours including morning and afternoon tea, and lunch breaks

It is a requirement that participants have completed our Full Day General Foundation Program or similar before entering this program.

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For further information including costs, please contact Rob Hyatt, our Education Manager, by telephone on (03) 8662 6300 or email.